I woke up in the living room of my house, but it looked a bit different where the steps were. I went up the steps and I saw some other people. I stayed up there for a bit and there was someone up above us on another set of steps…

Discussion 1: Would you rather?

“Would you rather have a robotic pet that looks and sounds exactly like a real pet, or one that is obviously a robot?” I would rather have one that looks and sounds like one because it would be more comforting.

“Would you rather have a…

Their new 23 million dollar toilet, even though it is small, does seem like it would work. Their crew is also growing, so they need to keep the old toilet on board until they build another new one. Though their process for keeping the water, urine, and sweat on board and not needing any more deliveries is pretty gross. What they do is filter, process, and then recycle it all, and this is summed up in a quote from Jessica Mier pretty well, “When it comes to our urine on the ISS, today's coffee is tomorrow’s coffee.”


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